Friday, March 5, 2010

Services.exe using up all your memory ? and windows hangs after launch?

I have faced an issue today, where one of the servers kept showing 100% CPU usage and after investigation it turned out to be services.exe taking up most of the cpu time.

After reading few forums, followed a suggestion by someone, to delete all logs from event logs.

This is the reasoning:

Whenever Windows recognises any failure either software/Hardware it makes a entry in the system log. And when you start your machine again this system log entry will be checked and Windows will try to search for a possible solution / or try to analyse the causes of failure.How to check this..

Click ctrl + alt + del – Open your task manager and click processes. And see how much memory the process services.exe is using, If it exceeds say 10%, you can be sure you are having the diagnostic problem.In the below picture the services.exe is running normally.

I did try the above option. and it did make a difference to the performance.
However, before i deleted the logs i found lot of the below warnings under app logs.

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: EvntAgnt
Event Category: None
Event ID: 3006
Date: 5/03/2010
Time: 10:17:13 AM
User: N/A
Error reading log event record. Handle specified is 691944. Return code from ReadEventLog is 87.

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