Wednesday, December 14, 2016

System Center 2016 - SCOM - Operations Manager Installation issues, SQL 2014 cannot create database

Setup is unable to create database on SQL server instance ''. Please make sure the current user has permissions to create database on the SQL Server instance specified. 

The  above is what i was getting when trying to attempt to install SCOM 2016 using the installer and getting to the Operations Manager settings window.
Im using SQL alias,
it detected and acknowledged the SQL alias. However, kept giving me an error dialog with the above error message.

Spent few hours, trying to check every possible permission,
gave SA permission on SQL, local admin on SQL and SCOM mgmt server where i was running the installation. No Luck...

Digging further using SQL profiler and help from someone who knows SQL and app dev.. it seemed the installer was looking for an AG name as part of the checks. I'm assuming SCOM isntaller was designed such that if it detects SQL 2014 it assumes its an AG setup. In my case it wasnt.

Obviously, the error message indicated nothing to represent that.

Anyways, got more help from a friendly DBA, who provided me an SQL AG.

Using SQL alias pointing to the AG, I tried another attempt.

New issue...

the SQL server with AG is running on Mount Points.
So now the installer is complaining that the F:\SQL_DB drive and F:\SQL_LOG drive do not have enough space. which is correct, F: drive is the mount point drive.
What now..
To get around it, I shared the SQL_DB and SQL_LOG folders after reading forums where users had similar issues.


Did the trick.

Same issues were encountered and addressed in the OPS DW settings dialog.
Hope the above helps someone... Best of luck