Monday, June 23, 2014

Oracle RAC installation on Windows 2008 R2 - User equivalence and Remote Registry Gotcha

2 Windows 2008R2 ent servers which have identical local accounts created for Oracle installation for e.g. svc_oracle with identical password setup as per the Oracle RAC admin guide.

All UAC and policy changes are implemented.

However for Remote registry to work using the identical local accounts.

You need to do the following on each rac node.

1. Open Regedit

2.Then navigate to the following key:

3. Enter a new value called LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy and set it to type DWORD(32-bit).  Set the value data to 1.
It is very important to set the value name correctly with no trailing 
spaces.  This new value allows remote access to the Windows operating 
system from a named account that exists on this machine as well, 
provided the passwords are the same.
This allows the oracle user/installation account/service account mentioned earlier to 
access the resources between both the nodes.
HAve fun...